Friday, September 5, 2008

Wynyard DH fluffing


you heard it right...theres a shit load of money getting poured into Gorge Road this spring to make it THE BEST AND BIGGEST jump park in NZ.

Imagine five times the size!!!! yeah thats right, FIVE!!!!

So far pro drainage is in and there is now four hose taps throughout the park for sprinkling the H2O when the trails dry up!!! perfect dirt even in the middle of summer!!!! the 2 tonne front loader is here and the dirt is slowly startign to get dropped off. so far we just been doing prep work and bulking up the exisiting line.

also we have been up Wynyard DH harvesting the perfect gold dirt to slap on them berms. the photo above does no justice. the berms are now bigger and meatier. we have also made it gnarlier by making it almost mandatory to jump from one berm to the next. flow, technique and railage baby!!!!!

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