Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Went on a little day trip to Wanakashizzleshire at the weekend. Rode Lismore. damn the council, they went and cut all the trees down. the trees were the best things about that place. it was like riding real trails, zipping through the woods on a speed bike with no wind and no kids running all over the landings just as you come into land. Now its a shit show. blowy as fook, and theres kids everywhere. apparently the said cutting down the trees help with visuals as your riding but now that the place is so open theres kids everywhere and you need spotters all the way down the outside line just so you can get a full run. crazy.
afterwards rode Sticky with Mad as a haggis Matt. havent ridden there for ages but it was so cool. quick laps just pinning the tight trees as a group. fun ride.
anyway, no photos. was too busy packing two bikes and two sets of gear into Fozs death wagon to remember the camera. next time...

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Burning down the house

Last week i came so close to realising a dream. Well not necessarily a dream, rather a nightmare. 
It was a casual thursday night like most thursday nights at home watching Celebrity Hells Kitchen with Marco-Pierre Scary-eyes and i had decided to turn in to bed early, but couldn't sleep because of some temporary insanity brought on ingesting the psychedelic pubic hair of a wizard warlock. I got outta bed to go make a cuppa tea or something and as I stepped into my kitchen all i saw was flashing orange lights on the other side of the curtains. Strange i thought, the bin men have already picked up the rubbish. So i went outside to explore and i was greeted by 4 foot high flames on my doorstep!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Holy fuck!!!!! I managed to get that little puppy smothered before the whole house went up but damn, it didn't half give me a fright. 
Didn't sleep the rest of the night because a very powerful mix of self prescribed insane paranoia and genuine near death fear-relief. 

The photo above is not of anything of significance relating to that night. instead it is a bit of toilet graffiti that i came across in a dive bar in Vancouver Island couple of years ago. So eloquent don't you think?

Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Weather is unpredictably shit at the mo. One day you can think spring is really here and its 19 degrees out, next day its as cold as a chully bin bro and pissing it down. Yesterday was one of those such days. so instead of wasting a day inside i wasted it inside by watchign BMX BANDITS the 1983 classic with Nicole Kidman in it. She has hair that looks like lightbulb filament back in this day. aahhhhhhh reminesce....

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Kelly on the big little screen for RedBull Rampage

Was just doing todays internet scroll for the daily round up from day two of the RedBull Rampage in Utah and who should i see but Killa Kelly McGarry getting interviewed by my hero Rob Warner...
check it out...if the flaming video embeds below, if not got to HERE

Thursday, October 2, 2008


Entries for the 2009 Brake Burner at Coronet went online yesterday. Get in there fast as it sold out last year. Besides its a bargain at only $115 for a solo entry!!!! Well thats my race budget for the season gone already. Gonna have to really get into the "free riding" this year.

The photo to the left has nothing to do with anything Brake Burner related. Its just an old photo that Spainish photographer Adolfo Crespo took of me back a year and a half ago. Was doing a bit of a clear out of the 'puter files, found it again, and made me think back to those autumnal times whicht he Whistler crew will be going through right now...but not here suckas!!!! BRING ON THE SUMMER!!!!!!!!! AND HOORAY FOR DAY LIGHT SAVINGS!!!!!!!!!!!

famous again? wow i better get myself to Interbike and whore myself

Went to PaperPlus today to buy a pencil and noticed the new copy of NZ Mountain Biker magazine...and guess what theres me old muggins looking back at meself!!!

The article the photos appeared in was written by sheryl Mcloed about when she stayed with BearBackBiking the company i guide for back in Whistler.

Above is one of the photos that appeared in the article. Thw photo was taken by Stephen Wilde, an awesome photographer based outta North Van. unfortunately the printing quality of the magazine does not do his shots justice in my opinion. got to STEPHEN WILDE PHOTOGRPAHY here to check out his work