Monday, November 24, 2008

The League of Gentlemen- race numero uno - das uber D

The first and possibly last...err... race [cough cough] of the League of Gentlemen series is upon us like a fat sweaty naked man with ill intent.

Go to your local Queenstown bike shop and get a flyer and all the details are there.or you can read onwards.

data:3rd dec 08 
time: 7pm
where: helipad at top of skyline.
bring: your own time recording device (stop watch or grandfather clock) and $5 which is not entry fee, you will see.

Formato: its beta than a super D thats why we is calling it UBER-D! 
Riders will have to race time, not other riders, fromt he top to the bottom with sections of short gravity challenged trail (uphill). 
there will be no tape. instead riders must follow the sweet stuff.

Rulz: there are no rulz. this is a gentlemens league so if you cheat then you lose!!

coursese: no pre ride of course. course will be preset, marked, mapped but will not be made publico until the evening of the event. no johnny straitlines thank you very much.

for more information then meet at 7pm at helipad at top of skyline on wedensday 3rd dec 08.


stu said...

Look a comment...

Looks like a prime race.... safe money's on Ellison...

blair said...

I realise the online entries are probably closed already and the Red Bull piglets booked , but could you move the entire event to thursday or friday so I can do it? Id be eternally grateful.