Saturday, October 11, 2008

Burning down the house

Last week i came so close to realising a dream. Well not necessarily a dream, rather a nightmare. 
It was a casual thursday night like most thursday nights at home watching Celebrity Hells Kitchen with Marco-Pierre Scary-eyes and i had decided to turn in to bed early, but couldn't sleep because of some temporary insanity brought on ingesting the psychedelic pubic hair of a wizard warlock. I got outta bed to go make a cuppa tea or something and as I stepped into my kitchen all i saw was flashing orange lights on the other side of the curtains. Strange i thought, the bin men have already picked up the rubbish. So i went outside to explore and i was greeted by 4 foot high flames on my doorstep!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Holy fuck!!!!! I managed to get that little puppy smothered before the whole house went up but damn, it didn't half give me a fright. 
Didn't sleep the rest of the night because a very powerful mix of self prescribed insane paranoia and genuine near death fear-relief. 

The photo above is not of anything of significance relating to that night. instead it is a bit of toilet graffiti that i came across in a dive bar in Vancouver Island couple of years ago. So eloquent don't you think?

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