Thursday, October 2, 2008


Entries for the 2009 Brake Burner at Coronet went online yesterday. Get in there fast as it sold out last year. Besides its a bargain at only $115 for a solo entry!!!! Well thats my race budget for the season gone already. Gonna have to really get into the "free riding" this year.

The photo to the left has nothing to do with anything Brake Burner related. Its just an old photo that Spainish photographer Adolfo Crespo took of me back a year and a half ago. Was doing a bit of a clear out of the 'puter files, found it again, and made me think back to those autumnal times whicht he Whistler crew will be going through right now...but not here suckas!!!! BRING ON THE SUMMER!!!!!!!!! AND HOORAY FOR DAY LIGHT SAVINGS!!!!!!!!!!!

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