Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Went on a little day trip to Wanakashizzleshire at the weekend. Rode Lismore. damn the council, they went and cut all the trees down. the trees were the best things about that place. it was like riding real trails, zipping through the woods on a speed bike with no wind and no kids running all over the landings just as you come into land. Now its a shit show. blowy as fook, and theres kids everywhere. apparently the said cutting down the trees help with visuals as your riding but now that the place is so open theres kids everywhere and you need spotters all the way down the outside line just so you can get a full run. crazy.
afterwards rode Sticky with Mad as a haggis Matt. havent ridden there for ages but it was so cool. quick laps just pinning the tight trees as a group. fun ride.
anyway, no photos. was too busy packing two bikes and two sets of gear into Fozs death wagon to remember the camera. next time...

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Tim A said...

Hey Seb. I used to live on the opposite side of the park on Plantation rd. I know what you mean about those trees providing shelter... I can't believe they would cut them all down... I bet there is kids everywhere there with the school just across the road. Just found your little blog... Nice one. Your a good writer mate. and I like your sarcasm. Bring it on. I'm back to Canada this Monday!! Stoked. Have a great summer and good luck with your psudo 'race' Catch you soon. Tim