Saturday, July 5, 2008

101 Ways To Waste Time

I wanted to start this How To column for a while now but after following my own advice for so long it looked like I was doomed to fail in presenting you with 101 WAYS TO WASTE TIME...

Option 1)  Mega hilarious news site about the real world

Option 2) Vice Magazine online library of Dos and Don'ts. Revisit golden oldies or check out the ever expanding collection.

Option 3) VBS TV. Fuck the TV that comes out of your plasma screen, the best TV is now found on the internet. All you need is a half decent internet connection, but saying that, if you have a good connection then you are probably already wasting your time by rubbing the hair off your palms as fast as it's growing. 

So there's the first three. The rest to follow.

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