Thursday, July 24, 2008

More Tim Ceci on MTBCUT.TV

More footie of Tim Ceci and Queenstown up on as part of the Lapierre-Saloman trip earlier this year. Not long till im home and i can't wait!!! Tim 'the giant' Ceci get married in little over a month or so, but before that there is a stag do...apparently Tim is shitting it, about the stag do that is.

Would love to put the video up as embed but i cant make it so. Instead go to and scroll till you see 'Part4 Wanaka: Team Lapierre-Saloman'. Funny cause there's zero footage from Wanaka. Apparently the multi-sporters in Wanaka chases them out of town saying that Salomans range of technical outer wear is the work of satan, and that they far prefer rubbing dead sheep fat on each other for insulation when they are canoeing-biking-climbing. Some people from Wanaka are weird...

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