Wednesday, July 23, 2008


After one day sitting on the couch (and outside Moguls Coffee shop) because of the bloody Swiss Flu that a Biological Disease Scientist brought over,  i feel like i ha some serious riding to make up for. so today was full on. 
woke up at 7am and hit the xc mission to check out some work the vollies have done on Cat Scratch Fever. Still wouldn't recommend the trail. Instead keep climbing and hit Billys Epic.
The took guests up to Garbo and tried to kill them, sorry educate them in Goats Gully. haha, tomorrow is mega roll day boys. 
went home lunch and siesta. then solo mission up Garbo for so much needed pinner runs. and to wash it all down went to Dirt Jumps with J-Rad and did some flips. Needed to get them outta the system as havent done one on dirt here yet this summer.
AAAAAAhhhhhh, full day.

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