Thursday, July 3, 2008

Homesick video

feeling pretty homesick for Queenstown today so i took a virtual trip over to MTBCUT.TV and checked out the 18 min scene report that Stu Thompson did on Queenstown back in December 07.

I love this video not just because there tonnes of mi-mi in it, but because it takes me back to THE BEST PLACE ON EARTH and makes me twitchy to get back there. Of course there's plenty of faces that are here in Whistler at the mo, but watching it really made me yearn for those faces and places i miss, particularly Tim Ceci, Pangus, Vertigo, Gorge Road and the mountians.

To check it out go to click on 'locations' on the left side then scroll down till you see it.

Big things for the coming summer in Queenstown, but lets get this crazy summer in Whistler and the shitty winter in NZ out the way first.

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