Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Went to Vancouver today. First time I've walked around in a city for about a year and a half (sorry kiwis but Dunedin or Invercargil don't count cause they ain't real cities).

Kinda weird but homely. Reminded me of times gone by riding my BMX around the city looking for skateparks, staying up for three days straight every weekend, doing dirty drugs, living off pizza, shooting photos and immersing myself in the quagmire of Human filth that is city life.

The main thing that got me was how tall I felt walking around the streets. It's strange what with all the mega buildings and traffic, but i think i felt so tall because the majority of people seemed to be asian. Also i forgot what a mix of Guidos and Hipsters there is. You turn one block and the 'style' changes from Tommy Hilfiger and Bvlgari to American Apparel and thrift store classics. The only constant is that there will be a homeless dude or lady on every corner that you pass.

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Southern Freeriders said...

cities aye... where would be without them??? Probably hangin out happily at the farm..? Im yet to see a true homeless there. Plenty of wannabees that just dont wanna go home though..