Thursday, July 24, 2008

Loonie Race

News just in...Tonights loonie race set a new standard in negativity for Ginger Si (mountain bikings most eccentric persona). The grueling 100% uphill road race really took its toll on people and left them feeling worse than that baby that "accidently" put through a 45 minute spin cycle in the warm setting in a Daewoo WA17-b clothes dryer.

The course started going up hill fast on a fireroad which witht he dry conditions made you feel like you had been clearing the asbestos roofing from a cigarette factory for the last thirty years. It then turned into a "challenging up hill technical climb" which was the highlight of the course, becuase after it went up some more on the fireroad, then turned around and went up the fireroad some more, then went up a really steep bit of fireroad before rider either triumphantly or dejectedly crossed the finish line.

Ginger Si was quoted at the apres as saying "it was shhhhhhhiiiiiiiitttttttt! I only come here for the fun, and that course was definetely not fun!!!!!!!" even a cold beer and a sausage cooked by a child couldn't cheer him up. grave times.

For me the only highlight was having Fanny Packet cheer me on up one of the climbs and hearing Ginger Si rant in the food queue. i was waiting for the helmet punt really though. to be totally honest i would have to agree, a totally shite course in every aspect. bring on the singletrack please!!!!!!!!!!!

I think that the loonie course selection should be given 4 dead babies out of 5. Any number of dead babies is bad so the higher the number the worse it must be.

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