Friday, July 4, 2008

Goals For The Oldies

So today is my b'day, and it's time to reflect, regroup and make some new targets. This year i'm making a big and medium to long term goal.

I reckon that contrary to the norm that im getting faster, fitter, and better as a rider with each year that passes. So why can't i still become a World Champ? Of course i can, and thats my goal from now on.

Of course i dont think its likely that i will be racing WC against the likes of Sam Hill, the Athertons and a  handful of slow yanks, but in two years i will be moving up into the Masters category and i think thats my oppurtunity for getting the rainbow stripes.

Heres a rather long yet fun video of last years masters podium ceremony. The bloody Irish can certainly cheer. Which countries jersey will I be in?

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