Thursday, July 3, 2008

Phat Wednesday numero secundo

The second Phat Wednesday race went off like bad cheese left in the sun. This weeks course was the always interesting AP>WCS>HCM, which is also a computer code cheat for DreamWeaver that gives you infinite life membership to No one can ever say I'm not generous.

Everyone knows that the top section of this track is tighter than a young girls chuff, but as loose as the same girl after the first semester at college. Excessive training (AKA: cheat line hunting) by alot of people and the sudden heat wave left the course pretty worked come wednesday evening.

There was notable absences partly due to Pyschosis roadtrips and choice of course but still 140 riders came out to play, including 25 women. Which shouldn't be such a point of interest but we still have to act surprised less they feel unloved.

The only results that count were mine and the top boys and girls. As soon as they get published elsewhere i will steal the link and post it so bear with me.

Jen Ashton won the ladies, a young boy wont he junior boys, and an old dude won the Masters by vurtue of being the only old git there in attendence.

In the Big Boys category the usual suspects were up there but many others fell down the results board by falling down in their run. I would like to put out a big shout out to the twat hiding in the bushes at the first corner making a noise like a monkey rape victim that made me jump out my skin and hit the very first tree and come to a dead stop. Pleasantly I still managed 7th place which i would of being pleased with without a crash but now im left thinking "What if that twat had stayed at home rubbing one off to pictures of young Ukrainian boys?"

The winner in the Dudes category was some aussie pinner who came out and smoked the field by like 6 seconds. The little shit forgot to bring his ID so he couldnt/didnt share his winnings on beers for all. In future i say prize money should be withheld till the winner goes home and gets his ID so beer can be bought and drunk.

The after party was weak as many people had to get home to pack their bags full of Creatine and brake pads for the Psychosis trip. It kinda felt empty not getting drunk afterwards. It was nice to wake up feeling good and not like some chick had punched me square in the nose for a change.    

ps. i will try steal the results and photos as soon as someone else posts them somewhere else.

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