Thursday, July 31, 2008

Phat Wednesday Four and a Loonie

Round four aptly held on the 4x course, or the giant slalom or the dual vision or whatever you wanna call it.

Basically it was not a dh race in the slightest and put off alot of people from actually attending. in fact it was the lowest attended phat wednesday by far this year. For the kids with dual bikes it was perfect and they got to show their wares. for the rest on big bikes it was like pissing into the wind. the results prove this.

anyhow, dave patten and carlos the mexican are back in town so despite the low attendence at the apres it still turned messy. again i woke up on thursday morning not knowing how and when i left the party, witht he only thing sto show for the night before is a mega hangover and more scratches on the helmet from riding home way too drunk to be in control of a vehicle of any sort.

for the first time this summer i actually did make it to the thursday night Loonie race that followed a phat wednesday. however i was less than stoked to have to ride out to function junction in the pissing rain. we (myself and back in action fellow xc bandit, steve reid) missed the start of the race so we decided to pedal out to cheakamus lake in stead. god damn it is beautiful out there. so worth the pissing rain ride. on the way back we stopped at the Loonie apres. seems it was best food and beer of the summer. shame it was mega pissing down and we were keen to pedal the 9 km home and get out of our soaking riding gear. what is it with the best apres having the worst weather all summer long?

ps. the above photo has nothing at all to do with this article if it has been concerning you why its there. just part red herring and part obituary as it seems the glory has been sold.

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