Monday, July 28, 2008

GearJammer? Whats that? The GearJammer is a 47 KM point to point cross country mountain bike race with roughly 4100' of elevation gain. It uses a heaping of th most gnarly and tech singletrack Squamish has to offer. in fact 70% of the course is singletrack. 

when i heard about a 'cross country' race in Squamish i wasnt to fussed about it as i imagined spandex, roadie mutants and buff non technical fireroads. not the case in this bad boy.

After hearing plenty of the right people proclaim the races less than roadie friendly course i was keen as beans. 

The race is nuts. imagine the kinda ride you have in your most sadistic dreams then do it non stop at race pace. in fact just doing it is a weird achievement. imagine doing a weeks worth of trail riding in three hours. imagine doing a weeks worth of hearty uphilling in one dose. 

i had heard about the race from Jonny (uber fit whippet) and i managed to round up Jamie 'Hucking is my middle name' Tilbury and Sheryl 'Shirley Macclaim' Macloed to join us.

i couldnt possibly begin to remember the whole three hours of awesome riding, let alone bore you to death with a blow by blow account, so you will either have to imagine what its like wrapping hot tar covered rags around your thighs whilst breathing on the air that is made up of 95% chilli seed, or just come do it next year.

highlights from the race would have to be smoking off a little irritating maggot on a tasty over taking maneouver on the inside after ten minutes of him failing to give way, the chick with massive knockers handing out melons at the second water station, and simply getting to shralp a good amount of Squamish singletrack in one day. 

in the end Jonny took the win in the 20-29 year old category and i took second place in the same category. stoked to be on the podium...AT AN XC RACE!! WTF!?!?! the fastest dudes where obviously mutants in spandex but they must of also been damn fast as technical riders.

i would like to say that the Scott Ransom performed outstandingly and its adjustable geometry and suspension combined with its incredibly light weight allowed me to string together a fair result. i would also like to thank AnuSol for its wonderful anti chaf cream and Mega Wholefoods Protein supplements for helping me bulk up enough to slay the course. no seriously i would love say all that but i cant possibly bring myself to being the kind of A-hole that would say that kinda thing.

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