Sunday, July 6, 2008

Sunday Randoms

First up, the results for the Phat Wednesday are up here.

On friday i had the pleasure of marshaling the BC Race which came through Whistler for the final stage. Anybody not familiar with this race just needs to know that this is a mega race, seven days of singletrack riding through British Columbia with between 45 and 120kms of riding each day. This is no pootle on fireroads and tarmac, this is grueling technical singletrack.

usually i wouldnt be best pleased to stand in  the middle of nowhere watching spandex cruise past, but this race is different. For one thing it was the last day so you could tell that the riders were a bit more relaxed cause they knew it was almost the end. They all had such good spirit and i found myself clapping, cheering and hooting uncontrollably because i was so impressed with their achievement. The other awesome bit about it was seeing childhood hero and Lord of the Undead, Immortal Being of the Wheel, Tinker Juarez. I had to stop myself from pulling him off the side of the track (not like that) and getting him to sign my Kenda Dred Tread tires.

Other highlight was seeing Wade Simmons coming through pretty high in the rankings (top 30 of 400 riders) and wearing baggy shorts rather than lycra like everyone else.

Apologies for lack of visual clues. Still haven't recieved my new camera and for some reason i cant download photos off the web. 

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