Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Tom n Foz Heart Dirty Wood

Even with the betterer weather here in Whistleringtonshire recently the Lost Lake Beach has still been missing that certain something...

After much pondering i realised that what the beach has been missing is the presence of Tom n Foz, the Tanniest Men On The Planet (not forgetting Si Miller of course). Usually during the summer its easy to track these two down because they will surely be down the lake flexing and getting browner, more tanned that is and im not talking about what they get up to in the public washrooms.

These two bronzed boys are currently in Colorado building the slopestyle course for Colorado Crankworx. Rumour has it that Boss John has gone away so they have been building giant penises and updating their Facebook profiles. Off course I didnt believe this for a moment so i internet spied them and it has to be said that they have been quite busy erecting obstacles and rubbing dirt. Check out their progress here

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