Thursday, July 17, 2008

Postal workers have no idea how to do their job

Vice Chancellor of Happytown, Seb Kemp, has announced today that a party of thanks will be held in honour of either Canada Post or New Zealand Post today after it was confirmed that his birthday present from his missus is lost in the post.

There has been murmors around Happytown that said item had been mislaid by work shy dyslexic post office workers, however todays confirmation, by New Zealand Post, sends shockwaves to all loved ones globally who are gearing up for the Christmas post season.

Seb Kemp refused to comment as he was brutally beating the living crap out of his postman at the time. When invited to comment both Canada Post and New Zealand Post shrugged their shoulders, took a sip from their wine glass and said that the necessary forms would need to be fill out by the sender and the failed recipient, sent to head office where house trained monkey would see that the matter was properly investigated.

The fall out from this incident, which analysts are hoping is an isolated case, is that Seb Kemp is still without a camera so no photos will be available on this site unless they are stolen images from Google Images.


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