Thursday, July 3, 2008

New re-beginnings

Well its been a while since I worked on any sort of online hate mail but i have been inspired my the current barrage of blogs that have popping up. Also sometimes i wake up and there's all this useless stuff i want to say but i cant say anywhere but around my friends and when i do say that stuff they look at me all like "righto, kiddo" and they turn their back and go back to doing whatever they were doing before I let off the verbal diarrhoea.

I think also this is an act of desperation of an ageing man. I turn another year older tomorrow and I see these blog thingys as a pretty youth thing to do, so by doing one I'm keeping young.

This blog will be a place for my own selfish thoughts, a junkyard for ideas that wont make it further, random observations, sarcastic critique, and shout outs to the deserving.

So far no pictures. my beautiful fiancee has bought me a new camera for me burthday but it aint turned up but when it does rest assured there will be visual clues to the rambles and rants. 

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